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Your submission should include the original work along with your translation.
Additional opportunities: Each year, a group of student composers and dancers spend eight months collaborating on short original works, which they present at a local theater.
Aspiring filmmakers from all corners of the globe are invited to submit their original work and can use Withoutabox, the online submissions system to do so.
(3) After Obama's election, the original work was acquired by the Smithsonian Institution's National Portrait Gallery for its permanent collection.
A reader may write a different ending to the original work, or a
I will argue that emphasizing the scholarly contribution of independent but not necessarily original work sharpens our expectations of good, scholarly (undergraduate) work and avoids the pitfalls associated with requiring that work be original to get published.
When this picture was thoroughly examined before being put up for sale, it was discovered the hairstyle, indeed the whole head, had been repainted a while after the original work had been completed.
The talk, from 6pm-7pm at Northern Print in Stepney Bank, will include information on how to identify different types of prints, understanding what makes a limited edition print an original work of art, how to avoid reproductions and how to find something you like.
Caption: 'Cistern: An Uncommon Ritual,' an original work by Dartmouth Dance Ensemble choreographer Ford Evans and videographer Michael Sacca, will be performed at 8 p.m., April 13 & 14 at the Moore Theater at Hopkins Center for the Arts at Dartmouth College, Hanover, using ancient water vessels as crucibles of life.
Despite the declaration that this is an original work, the major themes and motifs of his trilogy are evident.
One outcome of the original work has been a range of low-cost, lowpermeability cementitious materials for use as waste containment structures and barriers.
An impressive and original work, Savage Breast is very highly recommended for its relevance to the study of polytheism, the role of the goddess in a patriarchal culture, and the evolutionary demise of Goddess worship in western culture.