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Then," said he, "you have the privilege of knowing one of the most complete young black-guards about town, and the fons et origo of the whole trouble.
5) Al igual que la origo es un termino "occidental", o quizas por eso mismo, el termino adscriptitius para referirse a los colonos no se utilizo nunca en Occidente, se utilizo originales u originarii.
Origo Partners PLC (Origo) (LSE: OPP), a private equity investment and consulting practice focused on core economic growth opportunities in China and India, has announced its financial results for year ended December 31, 2009.
The Budapest venture is a partnership between Raleigh and local shingle Origo Film Group.
Origo Industries, based at Daresbury Laboratory science and innovation campus, has devised a technique to feed captured emissions to algae, to produce a biomass cake that can be converted into green fuel.
The equipment, designed by Daresbury-based Origo Industries, is being installed on the terminal roof this month and should be operational by March.
The newest addition to the iittala dinnerware collection is a variation on Origo.
In accordance with the announced plan, Radiolinja's subsidiaries Radiolinja Aava Oy, Radiolinja Suomi Oy, Radiolinja Origo Oy and Witem Oy had been merged into Oy Radiolinja Ab.
Finnish-Swedish telecomms operator TeliaSonera AB said on Wednesday (3 March) that its Finnish subsidiary TeliaSonera Finland had agreed with the Finnish operators Radiolinja Origo Oy and Finnet Verkko Oy on their new mobile-to-mobile termination fees.
Iris Origo is famous for her books on the war in Italy which describe, in understated tones, how the Anglo-American Iris and her Italian husband helped anti-fascists and Allied soldiers as the war swept up the Italian peninsula.
Replying to a question from Hungarian news portal Origo, the Prime Ministers Press Chief Bertalan Havasi said the following: There are no plans for French president Emmanuel Macron to visit Hungary during his current tour of Central and Eastern Europe, but a meeting between the V4 and France may be held before the end of this year; a precise date for this meeting is still under discussion.