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ORPHANAGE, Eng. law. By the custom of London, when a freeman of that city dies, his estate is divided into three parts, as follows: one third part to the widow; another, to the children advanced by him in his lifetime, which is called the orphanage; and the other third part may be by him disposed of by will. Now, however, a freeman may dispose of his estate as he pleases; but in cases of intestacy, the statute of distribution expressly excepts and reserves the custom of London. Lov. on Wills, 102, 104; Bac. Ab. Custom of London, C. Vide Legitime.

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In addition, the number of orphanages decreased by 35% or from 213 in 2009 to 137 in 2017.
She describes the donation as timely and a lifesaving gesture, indicating that the orphanage is in dire need of both education and medical assistance.
In January, the Ministry of Social Solidarity announced the closure of an orphanage, after a five-minute footage circulated on social media revealing possible child abuse.
The details, he said, should also include male and female inmates in the orphanages, number of buildings owned by the social welfare department, number of buildings on rent and sanctioned strength and deficiency of the staff that required to be filled up.
Sindhutai has been trying to get her orphanages registered since 2011.
The Orphanage was a patriarchal institution, with a male supervisor (with a wife by his side) at the head of all activities.
Damascus, SANA -- "Syria Brings US Together" association organized Monday an entertainment activity at al-Aman orphanage in Damascus city in the framework of the activities of World Orphan Week, that is being celebrated all over Syria.
Orphanage manager Dr Anton Romanov told the Mirror: "These children have lost their parents, families, their health, security, love, care and attention.
In Srinagar alone, the floods hit two major orphanages, displacing about 500 orphans who were being looked after there and provided succour in absence of one or both their parents.
The compassion of Muslim orphanages crossed State borders when they decided to bring 589 children, both boys and girls below 12 years, from Jharkhand, Bihar and West Bengal.
According to the arrested accused, the children were being brought to be admitted in two orphanages in Kozhikode and Malappuram.
BEIRUT: The first stage of an art project that launched Sunday in Tripoli's orphanages seeks to combat smoking in the country.