Orphans' court

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ORPHANS' COURT. The name of a court in some of the states, having jurisdiction of the estates and persons of orphans.

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He also did not return the estate funds even after he was ordered to do so by the Orphans' Court, the opinion states.
(125) A few years later, Alexander petitioned the Orphans' Court on behalf of Jacob Troutbrook, charging twenty dollars for her efforts.
As she might have anticipated, she became the city's representative in Orphans' Court, helping to oversee audits of the accounts of decedents' estates.
Peter's financial situation improved by his marriage to Margaret Brewton in 1609, but barely.(2) Shortly after his funeral, his widow was ordered to confer with the Orphans' Court of Exeter to answer for her husband's desperate debts.(3) Those debts were paid through her subsequent marriage to Edward Cotton--but Cotton received Peter's property.
The personal representatives also filed a list of "interested persons" in the Orphans' Court to ascertain whether any other parties were entitled to payment under the codicil.
The new law requires entities to seek approval in a county Orphans' Court before seizing preserved land through eminent domain.
Weiner is with Rifkin Weiner Livingston LLC in Baltimore.<br />The case isPaterakis vs Paterakis, et al.,03C18001742.<br />Roula Paterakis filedsuit in Orphans' Court last year alleging her late husband's children and grandchildren conspired to depriveher "of her rightful share of John's estate." Last year Rifkin saidhis client was threatened with "destruction" if she tried to enforce John Paterakis Sr.'s promise to leave her $20 million.<br />That petition claimed William J.
She represents individuals, nonprofit organizations, private foundations, and family businesses in numerous matters, including guardianships, trust and estate administration, Chancery Court and Orphans' Court litigation, international and domestic tax planning.
A useful appendix provides brief biographies of the principal merchants under discussion, while two others give short extracts from the South Sea inventories of 1721 and the London Orphans' Court Inventories, both vital sources for this study, although the brevity of the samples precludes any overall impression of their contents.
In papers filed in the Orphans' Court, who has jurisdiction over non-profit charitable organizations under Pennsylvania law, Fisher cited the potentially negative economic and social impact of a sale on the community.
W-43773, in the Orphans' Court for Montgomery County.