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ELDEST. He or she who has the greatest age.
     2. The laws of primogeniture are not in force in the United States; the eldest child of a family cannot, therefore, claim any right in consequence of being the eldest.

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It's exciting for sure," Orrin, who won this season's Made in Denmark Challenge, said.
When Madeline marries Orrin, a sales rep from a pharmaceutical company, three years later, Angela knows before she is asked that she will be a bridesmaid, one of five, and that it will be a kindly but token gesture on Madeline's part.
The inquest heard it would have been a deliberate act for Orrin to walk from the platform on to the viaduct as several warning signs were in place to discourage people entering the area.
and Orrin eventually bought their father's interest in the company.
Ingle presented the award, "to Senator Orrin Hatch, a music creator himself, in recognition of his tireless support as a legislator and statesman for music education and the rights of songwriters, recording artists and copyright owners.
Analyst Orrin Middleton said ``it is a question of when, not if'' we hit the $50 mark.
THE Heart of England Bluegrass club at the Kenilworth Sports club, Upper Rosemary Hill, Kenilworth, opens its doors tonight to Orrin Star, who is an award-winning guitar, banjo and mandolin player, with a sense of humour.
and Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, are working on a bill that differs slightly from the House version, said Melissa Shelk of the American Insurance Association.
He was joined by Senator Rick Santorum, Senator Orrin Hatch and Senator Jesse Helms.
And when he said he wanted to devote more time to being mayor, I felt as chilled as the Hatches when Orrin quit his Presidential race to spend more time with the family.
In order to address concerns by some medical groups, the committee adopted a substitute proposed by Chairman Orrin Hatch (R-Ut.
and Orrin Hatch (R-Utah) as well as House members Hastert, Reps.