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ROOT. That part of a tree or plant under ground from which it draws most of its nourishment from the earth.
     2. When the roots of a tree planted in one man's land extend into that of another, this circumstance does not give the latter any right to the tree, though such is the doctrine of the civil law; Dig. 41, 1, 7, 13; but such person has a right to cut off the roots up to his line. Rolle's R. 394, vide Tree.
     3. In a figurative sense, the term root is used to signify the person from whom one or more others are descended. Vide Descent; Per stirpes.

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Crabtree & Evelyn offer up a bouquet of flowers with Iris (100ml, pounds 24) which blends the signature orris root with bergamot, cassis, cedarwood, patchouli, musk and vetiver.
Nevertheless, you'll get a far superior blend if you make up a jar at home with 4 whole nutmegs, 10 dried rosebuds (available from Middle-Eastern stores), 12 cinnamon sticks, 12 blades of mace, 1 teaspoon of anise, 1 tbsp of turmeric, 2 pieces orris root, 1 tbsp of Cayenne pepper, 1/2 teaspoon lavender, 1 tablespoon white pepper, 2 pieces galingal, 2 tablespoons of root ginger, 6 cloves, 24 allspice berries, 20 cardamom pods, 4 black cardamom pods, and 20 threads of saffron.
Its soft inner bag is filled with lavender oil, organic barley, flax seed, lemon balm and orris root to soothe the senses, quiet the mind, and help you focus inward during meditation.
Next, it's the secret mix of 'botanicals', the blend of juniper, orange and lemon peel, coriander, licorice, cinnamon, cassia and nutmeg, angelica and orris root, that gives the gin its singular personality.
Others include angelica, coriander, fennel, licorice, orange peel, anise, caraway, cassia bark, orris root and almonds.
It's all a load of botanicals, according to Beefeater's master distiller Desmond Payne, referring to his own closely guarded blend of nine flavourings - juniper, angelica root and seed, coriander, liquorice, almond, orris root and lemon and orange peel - which are steeped in grain spirit for 24 hours prior to re-distillation.
The fresh, fragrant mix comes from sustainable sources including artemisia absinthium and pontica from Piedmont lowlands, orange peel from Murcia in Spain, red rosebuds from Morocco, and orris roots from the hills of Tuscany.
Blending red lychee, golden quince, kiwi, jasmine, white chocolate orchid, musk, orris roots and woods, it all comes packed in a bright pink bottle decorated with green crystals.