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Reflexology is a holistic complementary therapy; therefore it treats the whole person rather than a singular symptom like orthodox medicine.
It would seem orthodox medicine is proclaiming at long last what we have been saying for decades.
The experience of doctoring in a specific place, contends Stowe, was the quality "at the heart of country orthodox medicine.
Orthodox means orthodox--be prepared to focus on learning orthodox medicine and commit to it.
Lifespan, at Minsteracres, Consett, County Durham, offers services, complementary to orthodox medicine, to improve the life of those suffering from life-threatening or terminal illness.
A CHOIR is staging a concert this weekend to raise money for a charity which offers services complementary to orthodox medicine.
No one has proved what causes it, nor has orthodox medicine provided a formula for either prevention or cure.
Of course, says Karen who gave up a high-powered job in advertising to study complementary health, she doesn't offer an alternative to orthodox medicine.
These "clinical ecologists," as some call themselves, use a variety of techniques not accepted by orthodox medicine to diagnose and treat patients with MCS.
In my studies, it became more and more clear to me that although there are major differences between orthodox medicine and alternative medicine, that there was still a lot lacking in what I was being told was alternative medicine.
becoming a recognised orthodox medicine in the United States and will provide
These clinical trials, while not required for the FDA approval, are a significant step towards becoming a recognised orthodox medicine in the United States and will provide the first independent, publishable documentation of the safety and effectiveness of TAMARS treatments in patients suffering from chronic back pain.