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Reflexology is a holistic complementary therapy; therefore it treats the whole person rather than a singular symptom like orthodox medicine.
It would seem orthodox medicine is proclaiming at long last what we have been saying for decades.
But as reflexive modernity destabilizes the power base of orthodox medicine and (re-)opens pathways for other health professions and ideologies, it also requires reflexive thinking and deliberate professional development on the part of those practitioners.
The corporate philosophy: "Herbal remedies don't compete with orthodox medicine.
southern history have offered new insight into the social relations of slavery and segregation and illuminated worlds of healing beyond hospitals and orthodox medicine.
It amazed me how much this group follows the protocol of present professional alternative health practitioners as a new and enlightened exciting field of orthodox medicine.
From my discussions with colleagues over the last few years it is clear that a great many complementary medicine (CM) students and graduates would consider entering the world of orthodox medicine study.
Today, homeopathy remains a valuable medical treatment and, integrated with orthodox medicine, is available from qualified medical practitioners on a referral basis in Liverpool at the NHS Old Swan Health Centre (0151 285 3707).
Lifespan, at Minsteracres, Consett, County Durham, offers services, complementary to orthodox medicine, to improve the life of those suffering from life-threatening or terminal illness.
A CHOIR is staging a concert this weekend to raise money for a charity which offers services complementary to orthodox medicine.
3) Many past studies have examined the response of orthodox medicine to external threats, assuming, first, the presence of a strong shared professional identity and, second, the collective efforts of the profession to challenge these forces.