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Nearby surfers experience the same waves, which are like the oscillations linking neurons in the brain.
Both high frequency oscillations of [theta](t) of data segment 3 and 4 show an increase in frequency, starting at 0.
But if people with depression are stuck in a thought pattern and fail to appropriately engage with reality, then we think it's possible that enhancing alpha oscillations could be a meaningful, noninvasive, and inexpensive treatment paradigm for them -- similar to how it enhanced creativity in healthy participants.
1, a) enables to get the interesting regimen of rotor's motion--continuous motion with rotation oscillations which is realised by the connecting electric voltages [U.
Attempts have been made to pay more attention to the dynamic behaviour of pressure equilibration between the mouth and alveoli seen as pressure oscillations on Pmo(t).
In the case of a muscle cell composed of bundles of myofibrils, each sarcomere does oscillate (the oscillation waveform presents a 'saw-tooth' appearance consisting of slow shortening and quick lengthening), but the oscillation periods are not synchronized along the myofibrils and, hence, length oscillation of the entire muscle cell is rarely observed.
Researchers have found that playing sounds synchronized to the rhythm of the slow brain oscillations of people who are sleeping enhances these oscillations and boosts their memory.
8a, the oscillations are present at all temperatures from 30[degrees]C to 100[degrees]C for the tensile load tests conducted in air.
Well, we have the North Atlantic Oscillation that, very occasionally, gives us a decent summer.
Roller systems in printing or coating machines tend to undesirable oscillations that affect the quality and the efficiency of the process.
In this paper, our aim is to obtain new oscillation criteria for the second-order halflinear impulsive differential equation (1.
Initially, the results of the tests of the console-constrained specimens with the coating in equipment, described in [9], in the conditions of damping oscillations, were used to obtain the amplitude dependences of the logarithmic decrement of the oscillations.