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What the PRNOC staff needed was a clear, graphical picture of the OSPF network topology--a map of the network routes that would show them instantly where erroneous routes were causing problems.
Analyzes the router configurations of BGP and OSPF for errors.
SCIP-MR provides connectivity via an integral T1 WAN port, and provides full dynamic routing capability with support for standard RIP and OSPF protocols.
The COREpack includes TCP/IP, Proteon's BRS, OSPF, IPX, Bridging, Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP), SNMP, industry leading Frame Relay and V.
It includes support for Layer 3 functionality such as QoS, VLAN, NAT, DHCP and PPPoE, as well as OSPF and BGP self-healing routing protocols.
Another underlying strength is Proteon's implementation of OSPF which delivers very fast convergence (less than five seconds) for large enterprise networks.
Today Proteon provides users with the industry's best SDLC Tunneling and SDLC-LLC traffic conversion due to Proteon-unique capabilities that ensure predictable response time for SNA applications through guaranteed Bandwidth Reservation, fast convergence (less than five seconds) with Open Shortest Path First (OSPF) protocol; and ease-of-configuration via Multicast OSPF (MOSPF).