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The presence of ossification centers, as well as the different stages of development of the bone elements that make up the cranium (Figures 3 and 4), were analyzed in a stereoscopic microscope (SZX 12, Olympus) coupled to a camera for capturing images (DP10, Olympus) and a digital camera (fe100, Olympus 6.
However, the majority of these bone elements present ossification centers in stage 17, i.
In this study the formation process of the ossification centers in the wing skeleton of quail after hatching is investigated.
The obvious point was that there are no secondary ossification centers in pectoral girdle and limb.
The existence of two rows of ossification centers in tarsus joint region in birds (hock joint) is completely obvious which is fused with tibia from proximal extremity and to big metatarsus from distal extremity (Figure 4).
When we relate these expressions to them no justification about the secondary ossification centers in tarsus area mentioned in previous studies is acceptable [7, 11].