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In conclusion, it is a rare condition, with a benign clinical course, which must be kept in mind in children below five years of age with atypical onset of fragmenting of the ossification center of the femoral head (2,4-6).
Os acromiale is often discovered as an incidental finding during the radiographic evaluation of a patient with shoulder pain, with the unfused acromial ossification centers being unrelated to the patient's symptomatology.
Ebraheim, "Biomechanical rationale of ossification of the secondary ossification center on apophyseal bony ring fracture: a biomechanical study," Clinical Biomechanics, vol.
Between 8 and 13 years of age, an ossification center forms posterior to the talus.
The "dense" area is actually a secondary ossification center of the calcaneus, not an indication of pathology.
One of these sites is anterior to the apical otic ossification Centre, while the other abuts the canalicular ossification center, near stapedius muscle.
This was attributed to an anomalous ossification center in the oblique ligament of atlas, which is actually the lower border of the lateral division of the posterior atlanto-occipital membrane that bridges the sulcus and converts it into a foramen for the vertebral artery.
These secondary ossification centers appear in children between the ages of 11 and 18 years.
possessed significantly fewer ossification centers in hindlimb phalanges and caudal vertebra.
5,6) Multiple ossification centers join together to form an incomplete ring, opened above at the tympanic incisures.
The actual etiology of this condition which is thought to arise from defect of fusion of two primary ossification centers of the clavicula is not known exactly.