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Biden laid the blame at the feet of the administration's ostensible partner. "It's got to be the Israelis," said Biden, according to an unnamed source.
On the other hand, where OTTED's role within the university is fairly well established (albeit expanding somewhat in response to the UH's fourth mission), a number of issues must be addressed with its ostensible partner: what is a fair and equitable royalty-sharing arrangement how will licensing-related expenses be met, who will have responsibility for technical support, what rights will the parties enjoy in follow-on technologies, etc.
She looked as cheerful as you can when the choice of your ostensible partner for life has been influenced by astrologer Russell Grant.
It was the first iteration of what was, and probably is going to continue to be, Israel's refusal to cooperate with the P.A., which has been its ostensible partner for peace, following the deal the P.A.