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The Acacus Mountains in the Libyan desert, the small port town of Penarth in Wales and the Academic Film Club in Freiburg have something in common: they are all places where people have found leisure (otium).
The legal action brought by Otium Entertainment and Sky Blue Sports & Leisure, the Sisu-controlled companies that make up City, argued that ACL was undervalued when Coventry City Council sold its stake to Wasps.
Monmouthshire County Council has acquired Newport Leisure Park, in the neighbouring local authority area of Newport, from Otium Real Asset.
Football club bosses are adamant that they are not involved in the legal action but the Sky Blue Trust says Mr Fisher's roles as both club chairman and also a director of Otium and Sky Blues Sports and Leisure mean the club is "actively associated" with the legal battle.
McDonald's is ditching plastic straws - and it's a big deal for one Welsh companyThe site is owned by Otium Real Estate, a focused leisure property investment company that owns and manages assets across the UK, in cities such as Wakefield, Newport, Milton Keynes and the Isle of Wight.
COVENTRY: Under the of Otium Group - an of SISU Capital, a American hedge
Apart from offering tour operator services, the company owns the nine hotels of the luxury chain Otium and the airline Royal Flight with eight planes.
The nine companies are Gemmax Solutions Limited; Otium Ventures PLC; Opus Capital Investments Limited (previously called Carbon Neutral Investments); Tocan Limited; Yarmouth Place Limited; Vaeron Finance Limited; Opus Capital Limited; Gemmax Solutions Nominees Limited; and Opus Clearing Limited.
It seems like the last place Timothy Hollingsworth, the former chef de cuisine of Napa's famed French Laundry, would choose to open his first solo project, but a glimpse of Otium serves as an explanation.
Then they turned up the gas, recruiting Tim Hollingsworth to run its restaurant, Otium. It and the museum are both set to open September 20, which also happens to be five days after the chef's first child is due.
The hotel also boasts Otium, a spa and gym facility.
Summary: Tucked away on a side street of Clemenceau, Otium at Villa Salem was recently reimagined as an airy, 19th-century country estate with antiques furnished by At Auction's latest offering.