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His lawyers took his case to the Court of Appeal, where they argued that it was his mother's tragic death which lay behind the out-of-character crime.
And for the second straight game they mixed in a 2-3 zone defense -- an out-of-character move for Krzyzewski.
If they are not able to identify this kind of out-of-character transaction as suspicious, then who can protect these vulnerable people?
A lot will depend on how well he copes with the pressure and with his shrugs off an out-of-character indifferent spell towards the end of the Spanish season.
Mayera's decision to take up a job in Dubai (the city is showcased in all its glory fleetingly in the second half), just after one slightly ugly fight, seemed sudden and out-of-character for a woman who was a self-titled romantic.
Barry Gibson (Examiner August 21) commented with approval on this practice when he deprecated the out-of-character and unwarranted - in his view - courtesy afforded by reporters who referred to the forenames of the women on drug charges in Peru (who have since pleaded guilty).
My reason for such an out-of-character action is to protest at what appears to be your extraordinary determination to ruin one of the finest arts centres in the country.
She described his disappearance as out-of-character.
Bangladesh A chased a 244-run target with five balls to spare, Raqibul smashing eleven sixes and fourteen boundaries in an out-of-character batting performance.
Sacha Baron Cohen gives a rare out-of-character interview, and spends the first half of it talking about Jews and comedy.
But defeat at Wigan, a 4-4 draw with Everton having led 3-1 and 4-2, and the derby loss at the Etihad Stadium - a miserable and totally out-of-character one point from a possible nine - provided the opening City had hoped for.
The rezoning proposal was crafted in response to concerns raised by Community Board 9, local civic organizations and local elected officials about out-of-character development.