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Dr Al Awadhi added that the out-patient endoscopy rooms will also be increased from three to five in the near future.
The charge of PS100 is that which is charged by the hospital to the primary care (GPs) organisations for the out-patient consultation - part of the commissioning process or internal market - an internal exchange of money which is undesirable, wasteful and expensive; it merely provides employment for administrators - money that would be better spent on providing more doctors, nurses, and other frontline workers who would be actually providing patient care.
The therapy comprises 40 out-patient individual therapy sessions over a period of 10 months.
BEIRUT: The American University of Beirut and the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) have signed an agreement whereby the latter will reimburse the university for outstanding out-patient co-payments that have been due since July 2002, a university statement said on Monday.
Local campaigners have been hoping that out-patient services and some beds could be retained at the existing site, which is seen as accessible for people in Morpeth and surrounding villages.
He said the most favoured option was renovation of the hospital so it could provide more out-patient services, while moving in-patients' beds to Wansbeck General in Ashington.
I also attend out-patient clinics inthe afternoons; the lavatories are disgusting, through nothing other than misuse by patients.
Grandad and former Mayor Tom Lewis has opened a hospital's modern child and family-friendly reception and out-patient department which had been his vision.
The number of people on waiting lists for out-patient treatment has shot up by almost 13 per cent in the past year.
There are now 216,545 people waiting for their first out-patient appointment and inpatient lists revealed there are 74,590 waiting for an operation.
Our out-patient waiting times need to be lower, but we were aware of that fact as the workload has been so high.
The center has facilities for oral surgery, gastrointestinal procedures, cataract implants, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, bunion surgeries, laparoscopy, hernia repairs and other out-patient surgery.