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BEIRUT: The American University of Beirut and the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) have signed an agreement whereby the latter will reimburse the university for outstanding out-patient co-payments that have been due since July 2002, a university statement said on Monday.
Local campaigners have been hoping that out-patient services and some beds could be retained at the existing site, which is seen as accessible for people in Morpeth and surrounding villages.
It has got a busy out-patient department and we need to build on that.
North Glamorgan Trust said the development of the new Rhymney block provided the opportunity for the appeal funds to be invested so they made a real difference in ensuring that the new out-patient department for children was established.
The minister expressed particular concern about the jump in out-patient waiting.
Waiting list figures for the end of March show 70,120 people are waiting more than six months for out-patient treatment and 5,240 are waiting more than 18 months for in-patient treatment, a rise of 228 (4.
The strike is spread over the entire country and is mostly targeted at out-patient facilities that do not involve critical or acute care, reports the Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten.
The NHS ratings measure performance against targets like in-patient waiting, out-patient waiting times, treatment of staff and hospital cleanliness.
The center has facilities for oral surgery, gastrointestinal procedures, cataract implants, knee and shoulder arthroscopy, bunion surgeries, laparoscopy, hernia repairs and other out-patient surgery.
The project is expected to be announced to coincide with a seminar on tackling out-patient waiting lists to be chaired by the Prime Minister at Downing Street tomorrow.
HEALTH authorities are to be ordered to draw up plans to reduce out-patient waiting lists.
Out-patient treatment at the referral hospital cost KSh40.