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For example, at the massacre following the surrender of Fort William Henry in The Last of the Mohicans, Cooper compares "the flow of blood" "to the outbreaking of a torrent.
The challenge today isn't to the people--they're doing just fine--the challenge is to church leadership to recognize this outbreaking and ask, "How can we help this be more of what you want it to be?
Comparisons of traits of outbreaking and nonoutbreaking leaf-eating Lepidoptera and Symphyta have shown that spring-feeding species are more likely to have outbreaks than are summer-feeding species.
Traits that distinguish outbreaking and non-outbreaking Macrolepidoptera feeding on northern hardwood trees.
Genetic structure of outbreaking and non-outbreaking crown-of-thorns starfish (Acanthaster planci) populations on the Great Barrier Reef.
It comes, if it comes at all, like the outbreaking of a fountain from the earth, or the bursting forth of volcanic fires, with spontaneous, original, native force.
In accordance with mentioned cases and the fact that many of chemical compounds of pesticides are canserogen, and most of scientists believe that, nowadays outbreaking new different diseases in modern communities, can be affected by foodstuffs preparing methods.