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The webinar, Project Outcome for Library Consultants, is designed to introduce consultants to the Project Outcome framework to help inform their work with public libraries.
Surgical outcomes were significantly different in the poor-outcome group, Dr.
Learning outcomes are described as written statements of what a learner is expected to know, understand and/or be able to do at the end of a period of learning.
This is the kind of evidence that empirically based practice demands in support of a chosen intervention; the intervention is specific and reproducible, and the outcomes are discrete and measurable.
The skill sets, tools, and strategies embedded in the SSS program were developed based on extensive reviews of the research regarding improved academic and social outcomes for students (Hattie, Biggs, & Purdie, 1996; Masten & Coatsworth, 1998; Wang, Haertel, & Walberg, 1994).
One course that may be viewed as an exemplary model for Service-Learning in healthcare education will be described: it incorporates some of the best practices in SL, it has been highly rated by students in institutional course evaluations, and various assessment tools have indicated positive learning outcomes from the course.
The regression models were adjusted for social and demographic factors potentially affecting pregnancy outcomes (maternal age, marital status, birthplace and education; parity; payer for prenatal care; trimester in which prenatal care began; smoking and use of alcohol and drugs; and, in parts of the analysis, preeclampsia).
Data about microbiologic outcomes were considered reliable if they met the same criteria.
Two studies in this mini-monograph address human exposure and outcomes related principally to elemental mercury vapors from past mercury mining operations (Kobal et al.
To meet the requirements of the grant, ACA Virginias collaborated with the 4-H youth development department of Virginia Cooperative Extension at Virginia Tech to provide measurable evidence regarding whether or not the desired outcomes were achieved.
Along these lines, it should be especially noteworthy to American gun owners that World Summit Outcomes champions a favorite UN theme: the elimination of civilian ownership of small arms and light weapons.
Little research has been conducted with this population investigating maintenance and generalization practices and student outcomes associated with self-determination, career decision-making, person centered planning, and transition planning.