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Add to that family-safe demonstration areas, accommodation for the socially introverted, suggestions from organizers to bring drinks and towels for protesters to keep hydrated in hot weather, and a self-imposed pre-sundown curfew (8 pm) -- and the anti-nuclear, anti-government protests in Tokyo seem more like a summer outing or a pleasant outdoor excursion.
Using a DEET-based repellent also can reduce the risk of tick attachment, something to check for after each outdoor excursion.
Depending on usage conditions, the battery life is typically one to two days under normal use; perfect for your casual outdoor excursions.
Hong Kong Disneyland Resort is proud to call Lantau home, thanks in part to the island's incredible selection of nearby experiences-ranging from cultural relics, outdoor excursions and great shopping-all within easy reach of the resort.
UCO's new Flatpack Portable Grill & Firepit is a convenient and lightweight option for outdoor excursions or tailgating parties.
And then together with these friends, she has created and enjoyed many outdoor excursions and indoor cultural activities.
The participants were also given the opportunity to learn from outdoor excursions which proved to be essential learning opportunities.

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