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An outdoor sculpture event is coming to the Outwoods in Loughborough.
Its plan calls for an outdoor sculpture garden, a patio, a cafe and a 100-seat auditorium.
Art in the Park," the annual outdoor sculpture show presented by the Worcester Cultural Commission, will be honored with a Gold Star Award at the State House Wednesday.
It also features oriental and international art, including its outdoor sculpture garden, which has 70 large stone sculptures by 40 leading Korean artists.
The Gift Fair has an outdoor-living section, which includes exhibitors of outdoor sculpture, fountains, furniture, planters, fire pits, lighting and other outdoor decor products.
Chemline's spray applied polyurethane hard coat product, Chemthane 7000, was recently used to protect an outdoor sculpture shown at Beaufort, a European Union-sponsored art exhibition that took place on various resort beaches in Belgium along the North Sea.
It looks like an outdoor sculpture with its pyramid-style design.
The final segment, "Texture," illustrates how light affects the surface of an outdoor sculpture as the sun moves across the sky.
To complete his artistic excavation, Kuma has salvaged the painter's beloved Toyota Crown car from 20 years of disuse and displayed it as an outdoor sculpture immersed in the pond in front of the museum.
Two minutes in, we reach the first guidebook landmark: a metal outdoor sculpture of a Native American.
The prize will be awarded to the artist whose work demonstrates originality and excellence in the field of outdoor sculpture that will best enhance the gardens.

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