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Microsoft says that it will also keep adding enhancements to the Outlook.
Chris Jones, Microsoft's corporate vice president of Windows Live services, said that Outlook.
CompanionLink's current product line supports two-way sync of Contact and Calendar details, notes, tasks, categories, and contact photos to the new Outlook.
For users of the iOS and Android Alexa app however, they need to make changes to the Settings of the app to enable support for Outlook.
However, according to PC World, while the existing custom domain users will not be able to add or remove new accounts from Custom Domains, all current email addresses will continue to work in Outlook.
Microsoft says the new tool helps import Gmail emails into Outlook.
Snowden revealed that the NSA was worried it wouldn't be able to access private chats within a new Outlook.
Initially the company has offered users a flexibly to move to Outlook.
02 ( ANI ): The refreshed and ultra-polished Outlook.
This means users can chat with their Google contacts within Outlook.
This week the company unleashed its anti-Gmail commercials -- part of its ongoing "Scroogled" campaign -- in an effort to promote its Outlook.
Next, is to select which email address to be used, either Outlook.