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And so the glutton joined the party, and the ship mounted again into the air, and flew up and onward, till the Simpleton from his outlook saw a man walking by the shore of a great lake, and evidently looking for something.
I have since determined that a part of it was due to the man's personality, but that the greater part was due to his totally different outlook.
This child, with his innocent outlook upon life, was the compass that showed them the point to which they had departed from what they knew, but did not want to know.
Fitch affirms the ratings and assigns Outlooks to the following senior classes of Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency 1997 Trust Indenture notes:
The report includes Fitch's current ratings and Outlooks for over 370 entities in the sector.
Overall, ratings are not anticipated to change meaningfully as we enter 2007 as most companies have Stable Outlooks and the ones with Negative Outlooks relate primarily to margin pressure, which is expected to lessen in 2007 as commodity cost pressures moderate.
Corn Products) maintained their ratings and Stable Outlooks as their earnings and credit metrics improved.
These end-market outlooks are incorporated into Fitch's ratings for the North American A&D companies, and Fitch expects any rating actions to be driven primarily by company-specific factors such as cash deployment decisions or business plan execution.
In the case of the US, the companies with Positive Outlooks cover a diverse range of banks from some of the very largest to far smaller institutions, and across a range of operating profiles from investment banking to corporate credit unions.
The following foreign currency ratings and/or Outlooks have been revised:
Nine credits in the Louisiana Katrina-stricken regions were affirmed and taken off RWN; they were assigned Negative Rating Outlooks, however, to denote longer-term concerns.
NEW YORK -- Fitch Ratings assigns initial Rating Outlooks to U.