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OUTRIDERS, Eng. law. Bailiffs errant, employed by the sheriffs and their deputies, to ride to the furthest places of their counties or hundreds to summon such as they thought good, to attend their county or hundred court.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Fear used the opportunity to move into more managerial roles and after some time in Saudi Arabia, he started working as an outrider in Dubai, where he's now been for 23 years.
Outriders could steer riderless horses away from the field or from any fences, catch them and allow them to be brought back safely.
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Not only that, the drivers and outriders will travel almost non-stop 24-hours-aday and expect to complete the distance in just 10 days.
Camilla began to cry and clasped Charles's hand as masked thugs surged past police outriders, smashed a window and tried to overturn the limo.
There were two command police vehicles, 10 police outriders and 10 British Cycling Federation outriders.
They claim motorists were prevented from joining the convoy en route by police outriders, and that the convoywas told to travel at 40mph along the A55, not the planned 20mph.
A full police ceremonial funeral with police outriders and officers in ceremonial dress takes place today.
Chris Pastras and Jason Lee were hosts of the festival that brought forth pieces from such outriders as Gents of Desire.
For that he needs his own bulletproof car and police outriders.