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OUTRIDERS, Eng. law. Bailiffs errant, employed by the sheriffs and their deputies, to ride to the furthest places of their counties or hundreds to summon such as they thought good, to attend their county or hundred court.

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SKY EYE A helicopter, above, and outriders, below, tracked police vans holding suspects
Outriders could steer riderless horses away from the field or from any fences, catch them and allow them to be brought back safely.
The purpose of the outriders is to assist motorists who might otherwise get stuck behind the convoy.
But Andrew blamed the convoy he was running with - which included police outriders - for the blunder.
These are but the outriders of a larger wave of migration that is sure to take place if the disparities between North and South are not balanced.
Slow to start and burn, her affair with Harry Kitchings doesn't last, but she doesn't begin to tell of it until after he's ditched her and she's left with incessant, roiling images of a grandiose nature-poet who, teaching her that clouds are the planet's outriders, took his lead from John Ruskin - "If a general and characteristic name were needed for modern landscape art, none better could be invented than 'the service of clouds.
Now, whenever I think of that birch--or of Monterey pine bending to Pacific gales at Big Sur, dwarf aspen gilding the high Sierra, or a crabbed tamarack silhouetted against a Labrador sunset--I see the tough little outriders of forests to come.
Adjustable 1-by-6 baffles run between these outriders.
The council CCTV camera shows the royal convoy, led by several motorcycle police outriders, slowing down as it is impeded by people in the road.
A marching band saw us off on our first day and two police outriders stopped the traffic and cleared the path at junctions.
Escorted by police outriders, he had arrived at St Mary's University College in Twickenham, West London, in an 11-vehicle convoy - to be greeted by a big cheer from the eager youngsters.
The cortege was led by police outriders from the home of the little girl's gran in Pollok.