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The confirmation of outstanding balances of a number of foreign loans is under verification between the federal and provincial govts as the disbursement under these loans are ongoing to the projects executed agencies.
This yielded an average balance transfer of $5,000, along with $240,000 in new outstanding balances.
However Central Bank data showed that locally accepted credit card outstanding balances have been increasing from Rs.
Collecting copayments and outstanding balances at the window is critical to surviving and thriving in today's challenging practice management environment.
Participants can apply for additional loans even if they have outstanding 401(k) loans, as long as the combined outstanding balances have remained below the 50 percent/$50,000 limit for the 12 months before each new loan.
An unusually steep and sustained decline in the cost of funds to issuers and the lingering effects of the last recession, which saw outstanding balances on credit cards grow at a much reduced pace, have exerted downward pressure on credit card interest rates.
The cost savings attributable to the core deposit accounts is a function of the outstanding balances associated with the core deposit population and the relative cost savings associated with the core deposit accounts.
But that number hides a reality that the larger credit unions account for a disproportionate percentage of the nation's credit union outstanding balances.
Revolving credit (mainly outstanding balances on credit cards) stood at $60 billion at the end of 1980, representing 19 percent of all consumer installment debt.
Nevertheless, the high proportion of credit line holders who either have never drawn on their accounts or have repaid outstanding balances in full is surprising and appears inconsistent with information provided by creditors.

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