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An unusually steep and sustained decline in the cost of funds to issuers and the lingering effects of the last recession, which saw outstanding balances on credit cards grow at a much reduced pace, have exerted downward pressure on credit card interest rates.
Revolving credit (mainly outstanding balances on credit cards) stood at $60 billion at the end of 1980, representing 19 percent of all consumer installment debt.
At the 125 Japanese banks, comprising the six banks, regional and trust banks, the outstanding balance of loans in the reporting year rose for the second consecutive year and totaled 413.
As noted earlier, the mean outstanding balance on an equity-secured line of credit is about $13,000.
The outstanding balance of BOJ notes in circulation expanded 2.
The outstanding balance of postal savings dropped to 230 trillion yen at the end of September from 233 trillion yen at the start of April, it said.
With the move, the outstanding balance of current accounts has grown to the highest level since April 2, when the amount reached around 31.
Fitch's analysis of required prepayments of principal under several stress scenarios indicates an extremely low likelihood that any outstanding balance would exist on final maturity.
The outstanding balance of real deposits at seven major Japanese commercial banks, known as city banks, totaled 224,697.
All other states represent less than 5% of the outstanding balance of the pool.