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Funds set aside to cover future expenses, losses, or claims. To retain; to keep in store for future or special use; to postpone to a future time.A legal reserve is a monetary account required by law to be established by insurance companies and banks as protection against losses.

A trial court reserves a point of law by setting it aside for future consideration and allowing the trial to proceed as if the question had been resolved, subject to alteration of the judgment in the event the court en banc decides the question differently.

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v. to keep for oneself a right or a portion of the real property when transferring (conveying) a parcel of real estate to another. (See: reservation)

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Our results are compatible to the ones reported by Jamil et al.12 and Parveen et al.13 Parveen et al compared the diagnostic accuracy of AMH with FSH for the assessment of ovarian reserve. Their study demonstrated that AMH has greater sensitivity for the assessment of ovarian reserve.13 Studies conducted in Netherlands consider AMH as a marker of ovarian aging.14,15 Our study results also show that there is a negative correlation of FSH levels with number of oocyte inseminated, number of oocyte fertilized and number of follicle restored.
diminished ovarian reserve, lower AMH levels, poorer response to controlled ovarian stimulation with letrozole protocols, more pronounced in women with BRCA1 mutation (55-57).
In a large cross sectional study from Belgium, women were divided into low, middle and high ovarian reserve categories according to serum AMH levels (21).
The idea of this is to try to avoid impairing the ovarian reserve. The elementary studies are ongoing now but they are very promising."
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Abbreviations FSH --follicle-stimulating hormone DNA --deoxyribonucleic acid MOPP --mechlorethamine, oncovin, procarbazine, prednisone AC --adriamycin, cyclophosphamide GnRH --gonadotropin-releasing hormone COS --controlled ovarian stimulation OHSS --ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome cIVF --conventional in vitro fertilization ICSI --intacytoplasmic sperm injection ASRM --American Society for Reproductive Medicine An accurate assessment of the effects of cancer and its treatment on fertility in women cannot be determined in a simple manner, considering that it depends on: the type and stage of the disease, treatment modality, and patient age, number of treatments and cumulative dose of radiation and chemotherapy, basal ovarian reserve and many other factors [4].
Additionally, the company's simple automated Access AMH immunoassay test aids healthcare providers in the assessment of a woman's ovarian reserve and helps guide the clinical management of women struggling with infertility or planning to become pregnant later in life.
Aya, who joined WCM-Q's Premedical Programme in 2014, is the first author on the paper, titled 'Arabian Peninsula ethnicity is associated with lower ovarian reserve and ovarian response in women undergoing fresh ICSI cycles'.