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The youngest among these overage police constables were born in 1985 and the oldest in 1968.
While most telecoms continue to force families and small business into shared data plans where you never know how much data you have left and live in fear of data-driven overages, T-Mobile said its family plans come with a dedicated LTE data bucket per person or per device so you always know how much LTE data you have available.
Earlier this week, the Athletics Federation of India ( AFI) had suspended 44 junior athletes after they were found to be overage in various competitions.
Overage - also called claw back - is a sum of money over and above the original sale price that a seller of land may be entitled to receive following a completion of the sale, if a certain event takes place.
After UAE's 6-1 loss to three-time champions Brazil on Saturday night, Amir accused that a significantly large number of players taking part in the tournament are overage.
AP)--Full-time instructors in Wisconsin technical colleges took home an average of $90,000 last year in base pay and overages, slightly more than the $86,000 in compensation for professors at the 13 University of Wisconsin universities, according to a published report.
As the game was a friendly, Blues fielded several overage players and trialists.
Pearce will confirm his 18-man squad later this week with David Beckham, Ryan Giggs and Joe Cole in contention for the two further overage places in the GB squad.
MANCHESTER United have written to the FA to say Stuart Pearce cannot select any of their overage players for the British Olympic team apart from Ryan Giggs.
In their zeal to avoid overage charges, some people may buy many more minutes than they will ever use--sometimes up to double the amount.
Many Railways maintained salon bogeys have also become overage by 100 years, but are still considered as a part of Railways operations, according to documents available with Online.
This paper estimates the impact of nutrition on school attendance and on the probability of being overage [4].