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TO OVERDRAW. To draw bills or cheeks upon an individual, bank or other corporation, for a greater amount of funds than the party who draws is entitled to.
     2. When a person has overdrawn his account without any intention to do so, and afterwards gives a check on a bank, the holder is required to present it, and on refusal of payment to give notice to the maker, in order to hold him bound for it; but when the maker had overdrawn the bank knowingly, and had no funds there between the time the check was given and its presentment, the notice is not requisite. 2 N. & McC. 433.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"Credit unions should go after the members who choose not to open a checking account because they're afraid they will overdraw. If I were a credit union, I would get heavily into the overdraft business, go after the people with low FICO scores and lower my overdraft price."
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An overdraw arrow rest must have a guard to prevent accidental discharge of the arrowhead through your hand.
Fox urged that consumers have to opt-in to overdraft protection programs and that, absent a consumers explicit instructions, card issuers should not overdraw accounts for small transactions.
The bank said that its new strategy would allow customers to choose whether they need to overdraw to spend.
Those who overdraw less often should look at the Halifax/Bank of Scotland Reward Account, which charges pounds 1 a day for overdraft balances under pounds 2500.
If you rarely overdraw, you would be better o with Bank of Scotland's Reward account, which pays pounds 5 a month tax-free provided you put in pounds 1000.
It is estimated that 50 million Americans overdraw their accounts annually.
"If you overdraw with permission you'll pay a certain amount of interest, but if you do it without permission you'll pay a higher level of interest and they'll often hit you with a fee of around pounds 25.
But how you are affected will depend on whether you generally stay in credit, sometimes overdraw without permission or have claimed a refund of penalty charges.