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This duck had got into the overflow pipe but we managed to rescue it by using the RSPCA's net and got it out of the storm drain.
Its suction fan draws odours and bacteria down into the bowl, then up the internal overflow pipe where they are completely eliminated.
Miss McCabe claims she reported problems with the overflow pipe on her roof a year ago.
An investigation traced the spill back to Cookstown Aggregates Ltd where they found an overflow pipe from a pond was discharging discoloured sand-contaminated effluent into the nearby stream.
Some mills monitor temperature in the overflow pipe, since this will detect foam overflows that fail to show on the tank level monitor.
If the overflow pipe from the cistern runs when the heating is turned on, it suggests the water level has been set too high.
One cistern had an inflow channel (of purpose-made pipes) and an overflow pipe (an afterthought), made up of re-used Punic amphorae with their spikes knocked off (three are stamped, one with the `Tanit' sign) (FIGURE 3).
Excess water was discharged through an overflow pipe direct into the downstream sewer.
With the complete manhole unit, during extreme flows, water is directed out of the system through an overflow pipe while an overflow baffle prevents trash and debris from leaving the system.
The court was told the inside of the bath's overflow pipe was examined and spots which looked like blood and tested positive for blood were examined but no DNA profile could be obtained.
The 11-year-old collie cross alerted his owner, Steven Miller, after sniffing out the terrified cub in an overflow pipe.
One of the first signs of the problem is water dripping from the overflow pipe coming from the cistern.