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Now, thin ice (which is easily cleared) forms on the end of the last overflow pipe only during extreme temperature drops, and we have spring water to drink all year-round.
"This duck had got into the overflow pipe but we managed to rescue it by using the RSPCA's net and got it out of the storm drain.
Its suction fan draws odours and bacteria down into the bowl, then up the internal overflow pipe where they are completely eliminated.
An investigation traced the spill back to Cookstown Aggregates Ltd where they found an overflow pipe from a pond was discharging discoloured sand-contaminated effluent into the nearby stream.
THE overflow pipe from the water tank of a neighbouring house has been running for nearly 12 months now.
Tank B is fitted with a centrifugal type, high-flow pump designed to return solution to tank A via a 1 0 micron pressure filter and flow at a greater volume than the high pressure spray jetting pump that is fitted to tank A, any excess being returned to tank B via the 3" overflow pipe that connects the top of the two tanks.
The 54 pupils and staff at Canisbay School were startled when lightning struck a copper overflow pipe.
Tenders are invited for Replacement and rotation alongwith repair of overflow pipe for return water from 27mtr level to return water pump in sec-i at hydro cyclone section of kathara washery
The 11-year-old collie cross alerted his owner, Steven Miller, after sniffing out the terrified cub in an overflow pipe.
One of the first signs of the problem is water dripping from the overflow pipe coming from the cistern.
Adjust the arm and the water level should remain below the overflow pipe. Check by flushing and watch the cistern fill up.
A SEWER worker who fell to his death while working in a giant underground overflow pipe should have been given more instructions.