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A sum total of the administrative or executive costs that relate to the management, conduct, or supervision of a business that are not attributable to any one particular product or department.

Expenses such as rent, taxes, insurance, lighting, heating, and other miscellaneous office expenses all fall under the category of overhead.


noun budget, business expenses, charges, cost, cost incurred, cost of living, current expenses, drain on resources, expenditures, expense, gennral expenses, liabilities, living expenses, money expended, operating expenses, outlay, payments, spendings, upkeep
Associated concepts: overhead expenses
See also: cost, expense, maintenance, upkeep
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King, president and owner of Lone Star Overhead Doors announced today that his company put both doors on sale to help homeowners begin the New Year with brand new garage doors.
8220;We are specialists in spring replacement, section replacement, cable replacement, garage door off track repair, garage door opener repairs, commercial door repair, commercial overhead door openers and dock level repair,” Joe King added.
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In conjunction with our parent company, Overhead Door Corporation, our nationwide network of over 400 distributors can satisfy all your loading dock equipment and overhead door needs.
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Man shop-54~LX30~W-1 walk in door and 1 overhead door 10~WX8~H-Morton building-steel sided.