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The authorities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad should take urgent steps to construct bus stops, overhead bridges or underpasses and install traffic signals.
Arslan Haider, another commuter who enters Lahore on a daily basis from Ferozwala, told this scribe that it is the second consecutive term of the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) government in Punjab, but they could not make an overhead bridge at the Imamia Colony during the last ten years despite the fact that both the MNA and MPA of the constituency as well are enjoying their second consecutive stint in their offices.
Calling the overhead bridge a real example of development in the country, Fahim hoped the bridge would help resolve traffic snarls in the congested city.
The overhead bridge, currently under paving work, was due to be completed soon, the officials said.
Charge is picked from these bins by a 10-ton overhead bridge crane with magnet and load cells.
OKARA -- A motorcyclist died as a kite twine cut his throat while his pillion suffered injuries near the overhead bridge on Faisalabad Road on Friday.
Khawaja Umaiz, advocate Lahore High Court, submitted an application to the Punjab local governments secretary, seeking record of development funds utilized by sitting MPA Shaukat Manzoor Cheema, projects and shops constructed under SDC Overhead Bridge, details of advance amount taken from shopkeepers of the said shops and rental deeds of the shops carried into effect during the period of Nazimship of Shaukat Manzoor Cheema in 2000.
There is an overhead bridge on the Islamabad Expressway near Zia Majid, New Shakrial, which is also a bike trail around the place.
817 million and Construction of Overhead Bridge at Depalpur Chowk, Okara (Revised) at the cost of Rs.
Murtaza Abbassi assured the delegation to establish a library for the bar club and construction of an underpass or overhead bridge near ABC to ease traffic mess in the area.
The successful bidder will be required to supply all labour, material, equipment, travel, and living expenses to completely design, supply, install, start up, and commission a new 20 Ton Overhead Bridge Crane at the ONTC Cochrane Diesel Shop as described in following sections.
The company uses overhead bridge crane systems (Gorbel, 800-821-0086, www.