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Project: Setting of steel girders for an overhead bridge at milepost 135.
A ROAD haulage boss today paid tribute to a tragic Birmingham lorry driver who was killed by a concrete block which was thrown from an overhead bridge.
35pm from the overhead bridge at Sarn, near junction 37.
No injuries were reported after a block of concrete was discovered Friday morning lying on the track of the JR Chitose Line in Kitahiroshima in Hokkaido, having fallen from an overhead bridge, railway officials said.
Two lorries were almost forced off a stretch of Midland motorway when they were pelted with bricks by children on an overhead bridge.
PROJECT: Removal of an overhead bridge at milepost 78.
FAISALABAD -- Punjab Chief Minister Mohammad Shahbaz Sharif has approved funds of Rs 15 million for repair and maintenance of Novelty overhead bridge on Dijkot Road.
Open Competition: The right to contract for the supply of goods by lot 713 Blr1,2-14 Supply of electric overhead bridge cranes for RDES for the construction of power units 1 and 2 Belarusian NPP
An overhead bridge seems to be the obvious solution; however, since the point under consideration is also frequented by other members of the public, some of whom are old or sick or, both; an overhead bridge with steps to climb would be useless for them.
The three railway companies have already checked 313 locations along their bullet train routes where the railway tracks go over or under roads, because previous media reports said the accident in Germany may have occurred after a passenger car fell from an overhead bridge onto the tracks.
PROJECT: Overhead bridge construction on the mainline Turnpike between Gateway (No.
of modern office space; compressed air, air lines throughout; abundant truck loading; four 6-ton and ten 2-ton overhead bridge cranes.