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Referring to young workers, Thomas Scott, an overlooker at M&K, observed that "there [was] no person about the building who [was] employed beyond the week.
He started in the weaving department and went on to clock up a staggering 52 years at the firm, rising to become a textile overlooker.
Mill girl Miriam Catterall (Sacha Parkinson) was sexually assaulted by overlooker Charlie Crout (Craig Parkinson) before young Tommy Priestley (Connor Dempsey) had a hand amputated after getting it caught in a machine.
Sam Knowles, a weaving overlooker, likened the experience of bedding them to cuddling so many "razor blades.
After much fierce debate, we are delighted to announce our winners as Julie Davies, 28, a dental nurse, Sean Medd, 33, a machine overlooker, and Andy Harris, 45, a part-time driver.
100 YEARS AGO: Death from a splinter - Mr AH Hebbert, deputy coroner, held an inquest at Kidderminster Town Hall on Stephen Gill (60) an overlooker at Watson Brothers' spinning mill.
The site has links with the former Atkinsons' Mill - the scene of a tragedy in 1818 when 17 girls who had been locked in by the overlooker died in a fire.
It isn't easy but you have a work partner on duty and an overlooker, then a dedicated support team and a director.
Mr Moorhouse, 72, worked in the textile industry as a power loom overlooker and retired from his last job at Fred Batley's in Milnsbridge after 18 years.