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However, it wasn't quite clear yesterday whether the island-wide strike, starting today at 6am, where not even self-service machines will be operational, was called to protest against the oversaturation of the market- with claims that the number of existing petrol stations is already 35 per cent more than necessary- or because a number of stations were allegedly issued licences irregularly.
In addition to the drastic reduction in airborne particles and reduced labor costs, the DustBoss has eliminated troublesome oversaturation of material, in fact, the production staff reports a noticeable improvement in product quality from eliminating the over-watering common to hand-held dust control efforts, which often create a muddy consistency that attracts contaminants and complicates handling and processing.
There are so many consumers that are shunning against traditional ads, partially because there is an oversaturation of it and people don't like being sold to.
The third thing I like about his work - and this is to my considerable surprise - is all of the over-sharpening and oversaturation.
Since 1960, when school curricula on National Socialism were first analyzed and debated, educators have lamented that students resist the topic and complain of oversaturation ("Do we have to talk about this again?
The organization did not take into account the price drop of chicken eggs following the oversaturation of the market.
The organizers of the virtual happening also point out they consider the oversaturation of media with one personality as creating the feeling of autocracy taking place in Bulgaria.
If a franchise sells too many locations in a particular market, it risks oversaturation and poor performance.
Sometimes uneven amounts are distributed over the impression and either voids will occur due to the lack of a surfactant or chalky spots will appear where oversaturation of a surfactant exists.
I'm afraid though that one sentence left the impression that Coos County, has an oversaturation of dentists.
Holes in the bottom of each cup helped prevent oversaturation.
Oversaturation turns the outlandish into the normal and the do-it-yourself into the mass-produced.