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The lyrical content of Overtones is superb with cutting edge rhymes which sum up a 20-something in 2007.
Since the 1960s, researchers have developed several models to account for pitch perception, but all have shared the idea that the brain sorts through incoming overtones one by one until it has enough information to infer a missing fundamental.
It captures the essence of everything people loved about The Overtones the first time around, but it also finds the group brimming with confidence as they explore new territory.
Timmy Matley, 28, from Cork, will release his debut album today with his doo-wop band The Overtones.
Yet most often Harding's mastery of his process still allows for a palpable sense of discovery, and the paintings' elegance--underlined by their typically crisp, exuberant color--does not foreclose identification with the emotional or psychological overtones that their built-in metaphors of breakdown and disruption inevitably generate.
Pierrette is doubtful at first, but does as she is bidden, Traveling by boat to the Fortunate Isles, she is indeed greeted by Minho and her vision of calling up a storm and his proposal do happen, but with different overtones and interpretations.
Thus in his Disney Concert Hall, the overtones of music and cultural brio were interpreted with clashing petal forms, ship metaphors and symphonic images.
Sex is as loaded with moral overtones for lesbians as it is for any other group of people.
Studies showed that when song sparrows were raised without hearing other members of their species, about half of the notes they sang had harmonic overtones.
Coffee People Organic--Certified 100% organic, this smooth blend gives you an intense flavor with sweet overtones
Regardless of whatever great adventure is next on the agenda for The Overtones - completed by founding members Mike Crawshaw, Darren Everest, Mark Franks and Timmy Matley - their collective excitement is focused heavily on the release of Higher.
With excerpts from the novel and Darger's copious journals read off- screen by Dakota Fanning and Larry Pine, ``Realms' '' animated sequences bring to life Darger's fevered fantasy about a child slave rebellion on some parallel world wrought with biblical overtones and apocalyptic violence.