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INDUCTION, eccles. law. The giving a clerk, instituted to a benefice, the actual possession of its temporalties, in the nature of livery of seisin. Ayl. Parerg. 299.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Even after the commencement of ovulation induction, it is possible to prevent severe OHSS in almost all patients by careful monitoring, early prediction of an ongoing ovarian hyper-responsiveness, and utilization of appropriate management strategies.
Anastrozole or letrozole for ovulation induction in clomiphene-resistant women with polycystic ovarian syndrome: a prospective randomized trial.
Letrozole for ovulation induction and fertility preservation by embryo cryopreservation in young women with endometrial carcinoma.
racemosa (Klimadynon, Bionorica) in women with PCOS, as assessed through ovulation induction, hormonal profile correction and pregnancy rate.
In a randomized trial of letrozole versus anastrozole for ovulation induction, 40 women with PCOS were randomly assigned to receive ovulation induction with letrozole (2.5 mg daily for 5 days) or anastrozole (1 mg daily for 5 days).
Laparoscopic drilling by diathermy or laser for ovulation induction in PCOS.
Infertility, ovulation induction treatments and the incidence of breast cancer-A historical prospective cohort of Israeli Women.
Clomiphene citrate was the first agent used in experiments for ovulation induction in oligomenorrhoeic women and it represents the first therapeutic option for treating the anovulatory infertility for many years (Hughes et al., 2000).
Using the Danish National Birth Cohort (1997-2003), the study compared children born after 0-2 months of waiting time to pregnancy (n=35,848) with those born after a rime to pregnancy of 3-5 months (n=15,361), 6-12 months (n=11,528) and > 12 months (n=7,387), as well as those born after 1VF/ICSI (n=3,617), ovulation induction with or without intrautetine insemination (n=3,000), and unplanned pregnancies (n= 13,462).
Ovulation induction carries the risk of ovarian hyperstimulation, multiple births, and hypertensive disorder.