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OWLER, Eng. law. One guilty of the offence of owling.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This access to prospect information via Playbooks was made richer by the vendor's partnership with Owler, which gives users access to company information, including revenue, employee counts, industry verticals, social profiles, logos, and more, for the accounts they are targeting.
Owler reported the company acquired SeaView for an undisclosed amount.
"However we were disappointed when Daryl Maguire came out and claimed we were being unreasonable and we just wanted a fight." Australian Medical Association (AMA) president, Professor Brian Owler, has also blamed the federal government for the staff shortage at Wagga.
Instead of researching people, Owler researches companies.
"If he's quoting papers from the 1950s, I suspect that's where he's living," the AMA president, Associate Professor Brian Owler, said.
Other names Maureen recalled were: Clive Illings, Jacky Heightley (wages), Ron Owler (manager, quantity surveying department), Bruce Robson, Lol Pennick, Alan Morton (quantity surveyors).
Meanwhile, Australian Medical Association President Brian Owler welcomed the Government's decision to put the rebate cut off the table.
Concerns that the agreement would help to drive up pharmaceutical prices must be taken as seriously as any potential trade benefits, Australian Medical Association President Brian Owler said on Sunday.
Across the front line was center Tom Owler, guards Richie Harris and Bob Weeks, tackles Bill Bresnahan and Bill Wilen, with co-captain Pete Moryl and Ray Valiton were at the ends.
Previously, Thomas led the west coast office of SecondMarket, most recently serving as vice president of business development with Owler.