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Acetaldehyde and acetate, produced from the oxidative metabolism of alcohol, contribute to cell and tissue damage in various ways.
However, because an oxidative metabolism pathway for NP may be relevant in humans and nNP--the NP isomer measured in this study--represents a small percentage of the NP used in commercial mixtures, exposure to NP may be underestimated.
We proposed that the molecular mechanisms underlying individual differences in systemic [F.sub.2]-IsoP levels as markers of ROS generation are human variability in oxidative metabolism [31], which is the major endogenous source of ROS [15].
Reactive oxygen species (ROS): Highly reactive oxygencontaining free radicals that are generated during oxidative metabolism. ROS can react with and damage lipids, proteins, and DNA in cells, causing oxidative stress.
Furthermore, [C] type-3 unsaturated fatty acids and DHA provide neuroprotection in conjunction with an increase in the formation of acylethanolamine [161, 162], suggesting that the formation of the latter prevents the damage caused by the oxidative metabolism of ethanol.
It has been hypothesized that this is due to inefficient oxidative metabolism in the limbic system and brainstem where the control mechanisms dominate.
It is well established that thyroid hormones accelerate the basal metabolic rate and oxidative metabolism by causing an increase in the mitochondria mass, mitochondrial cytochrome content and respiratory rate.
The much higher RSDs for the MEHHP/MEHP and MEOHP/MEHP ratios suggest that the degree of oxidative metabolism Varies considerably among people (assuming all values reflect steady state).
Mitochondrial oxidative metabolism in cells produces ROS species and organic peroxides in the process of cell respiration [3].
Possibly, the oxidative metabolism of 1,3-diphenylpropane by liver microsomes of phenobarbital-treated rats preferentially generated nonestrogenic metabolites.
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