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These genes also participate in the pathway of muscle fiber formation (red muscle) or oxidative metabolism of muscle.
sup][23],[24] This indicates that the LPS-generated preeclampsia-like model may not have a long-chain fatty acid oxidative metabolism dysfunction.
Oxidative metabolism is absent in resting phagocytes, and must be stimulated for ROS production.
Specifically, both the mouse- and human-based analyses predicted the general trend of the lowest variability in oxidative metabolism (about 1.
Heavy-metal phytotoxicity mainly impairs the seedling development, transpiration, chlorophyll production, oxidative metabolism, and lamellar organization in the chloroplasts (Pourrut et al.
Generalizing from observations involving epigallocatechin-3-gallate, flavanols have the potential to improve oxidative metabolism as well as accelerate apoptosis in some lines of oncogenic (tumor-producing) cells.
This study examines possible impacts of Cd exposure on the anaerobic and oxidative metabolism in tissues of the mussel P.
No evidence of a genetic polymorphism in the oxidative metabolism of midazolam.
From oxidative metabolism to signal transduction, sulfur-containing compounds are critical to a variety of biologically and clinically important processes.
Since SO fibers have higher oxidative metabolism, therefore a higher NADH-TR threshold level, they present an intense reaction, which is intermediate in FOG fibers and weak in FG fibers.

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