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This technology enables the development of one of the industry's first reflective optical sensor that continuous measures the pulse rate and blood oxygen saturation at various body sites, including some low blood perfusion sites as wrist and arm.
Noninvasive pulse oximeters used at the bedside provide measures of oxygen saturation but can be misleading in cases of methemoglobinemia in which the low values of oxygen saturation reported by these instruments cannot be improved by oxygen supplementation.
Venous oxygen saturation levels differ depending on the organ and its relative oxygen needs.
Oxygen saturation of preterm infants was not significantly different in car seats compared with term infants; however both groups showed decreased oxygen saturation values after 15 minutes and significant decrease after 60 minutes in the car seat.
For the oxygen range arm of the study, the infants were randomly assigned to the lower oxygen saturation target range of 85%-89% or the higher target range of 91%-95%.
This was a prospective observational study comparing measurements of blood oxygen saturation obtained under three different methods in patients with ARDS.
On his last full day, the oxygen saturation sank until at evening it hovered at 65%.
Expert witness for the family, Alan Aitkenhead, professor of anaesthetics at the University Hospital in Nottingham, said that an oxygen saturation level of 50% would cause brain damage.
We found that one patient in a prone restraint became lethargic after a 20-mg ziprasidone injection, and his oxygen saturation dropped from a baseline of 98% to 89%.
In a person at sea level, the arterial oxygen partial pressure is 90-95 mmHg; oxygen saturation is 97%.
His oxygen saturation remained 97%-99% with heart rate of 90 to 100 beats per minute.
His baseline oxygen saturation level was 97%; the lowest recorded level during the sleep study was 85%.