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Some other univariate stability parameters are; environmental variance (S2xi) (Roemer, 1917 attributed in Becker and Leon, 1988), superiority index (PI) (Lin and Binns, 1988); Plaisted and Peterson's (1959) mean variance component for a pair-wise genotype-environment interaction (P59), Plaisted's (1960) variance component for GE interaction (Oi), Wricke's (1962) ecovalence (Wi2), Shukla's (1972) stability variance (si2), Francis and Kanenberg's (1978) coefficient of variability (CVi), Freeman and Perkins (1971) stability method, Hanson's (1970) genotypic stability(Di2).
(1(p59)) The affiliation agreement program is not an opportunity to supplement staff or to obtain staffing that is otherwise not authorized.
'Community' encompasses a raft of building types that meet different sorts of needs, from the spiritual (Barclay & Crousse's little church for an impoverished Peruvian community, p57) to the sporting (Ofis Architects' revitalised football stadium in Maribor, p59).
They have urged the public to watch out for Gwilym's car, a maroon Vauxhall Vectra, registration number P59 HEY, and to search outbuildings.
The BOC adjusted the collection goal for the month of July to P61.9 billion from P60.8 billion previously; for August, P58 billion from P56.9 billion; for September, P61.1 billion from P59.9 billion; for October, P65.4 billion from P64.1 billion; for November, P61.9 billion from P60.8 billion, and for December, P57 billion from P55.9 billion.
The government is set to release P59 million to pay the salary of members of the interim government of the Bangsamoro autonomous region.
Tenders are invited for Provision of modification and additons and alterations to candidates waiting shed p59
Domestic borrowings for the month amounted to P59.438 billion, which is higher compared to last year's local borrowings that reported a contraction of P1.469 billion.
The demand was lowered to P59,000 after hours of negotiation.
Police urged people to watch out for Gwilym's car, a maroon Vauxhall Vectra, registration number P59 HEY, and to search outbuildings.
More than 100 police using helicopters and dogs have been searching for grey-haired Gwilym's maroon car, registration P59 HEY.
Colonel Ramil Montilla, Quezon police director, said anti-illegal drugs operatives also seized about 1,221 grams of shabu (crystal meth) worth more than P2.2 million and about 1,088 grams of marijuana amounting to P59,862.