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Leonard, of Newmachar, Aberdeenshire, admitted behaving recklessly or negligently and "endangering an aircraft" by repeatedly using the PA system and striking one of the flight crew on the head with a wet towel.
A spokeswoman for Northern Rail said: "We are aware of the ongoing problems with the PA system at Slaithwaite station and apologise for the inconvenience this is causing to our passengers.
The PA system is built on a highly configurable artificial intelligence-based rule engine.
In a conventional wired PA system, a single cable feed (home run) typically drives all the speakers, which are daisy-chain tapped to it.
How many people tried the trains at Slaithwaite, had a bad experience due to the PA system not working and then never went back?
George Hulme expresses a similar view I FULLY agree with the comments made by Tanya Stevenson regarding the volume of the PA systems on racecourses.
It also seems they have taken the club's PA system.
Denver aviation manager Jim DeLong and airport operations director Jim Dunlap said the lack of a PA system was a "weak spot" when a computer glitch halted train service for up to 1-1/2 hours last Sunday.
This brand new PA System features an exclusive iPod docking station and a remote controlled DVD player with video out.
Quotation are invited for Providing and Installation of PA System, Chord less mikes, collar mike, Ahuja Speakers, Amplifier & wiring work for PA System at 3rd Floor Lecture Hall in HBTMC at RNCH
To assess competitive factors affecting the entry of a new intercom and PA system into the marketplace.