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Technomad Military PA Systems include a PA control rack with an amplifier, microphone and cables; rugged flight-cases with protective gasketed lids that clamp onto the front of each loudspeaker; and loudspeaker stands for quick setup.
NYSE: SY) today announced an OEM partnership with Svenska PA System AB of Sweden, the Swedish market leader of specialized human resource management and payroll solutions.
This easy to use iPod PA System, which is compatible with iPhone[TM] and most iPod[R] models, delivers sound and video for multimedia venues providing presenters with "personal" choice.
This report analyzes the world market for IP-based intercoms and PA systems by total consumption value, demand trends, end-user markets and applications.
Tender notice number : Supply, installation of PA system at proposed stadium at Ajni of Nagpur Division.
Tenders are invited for Tender For Pa System For Hudco Bhawan
fleet size, number of seats on each bus type, age of each bus, local or cross-country availability, restrooms, VCR, DVD, CD, PA system, ADA, catering and alcohol restrictions).
Tenders are invited for Provision Of Pa System At Jhil Siding And Sorting Yard.
The second problem was that the PA system once quit working when a code needed to be called.
Limited Tenders are invited for Tender For Procurement Of Pa System
is a revolutionary new ultra-portable flat-panel PA system that adds voice amplification and multimedia sound support to presentations and training sessions.