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WASA QUEEN a) Bore Star b) Silja Star c) Club Sea d) Orient Express e) Eurosun f) Orient Sun (1975), Star Cruises, Singapore, 12,232 grt, 500' x 72', 663 pax.
WESTERDAM (2004) Holland America Line, Netherlands, 81,811 grt, 951'x 105, 1,848 pax.
WILDERNESS ADVENTURER a) Caribbean Prince (1983) Glacier Bay Cruiseline, United States, 99 grt, 155' x 36', 78 pax.
7% interest in Pax to receive Impax shares in 2021 valued at a minimum of USD 8.
Pax will be renamed Impax Investment Management LLC, and will become a division of Impax.
Tricia Sullivan, 34, worked for Network, the national Catholic social justice lobbying group, served three years as the director of Pax Christi Metro DC, and is now the secretary of the board of Global Peace Services-USA, a movement to create a professional peace service.
But Pax Christi offers a unique, holistic, Catholic perspective.
Pax execs continue to program the channel with older-skewing off-net dramas such as "Diagnosis Murder" and "Bonanza," along with milquetoast original series like "Doc" and "It's a Miracle.
Add in a heavy daytime diet of infomercials, and viewers are still arriving in drips at Pax.
Pax Christi has been an urgent Voice, sometimes with the pacifist organization the Fellowship of Reconciliation, for the cessation of the use of violence or the threat of violence.
In 1998, 54 Pax Christi bishops signed a letter to the president opposing the economic sanctions imposed on the Iraqi people.