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Internet capacity and connectivity issues can be complex, and it is important to choose a firm that is very experienced in this area and to follow their advice when setting up your PBX system.
Some of the problems can be resolved by changing the default settings that come with the PBX - similar to re-keying a house that was just purchased, said Ed Simonson, executive vice president of Teledesign Management Inc.
Coupled with Virtual PBX's award-winning VoIP peering, the cost for doing international business has been reduced for both Virtual PBX clients and their customers.
The leading conventional PBX manufacturers include names such as Nortel, Avaya, Cisco, Mitel and NEC.
The first generation of VoSKY Exchange solved the problem of Skype-enabling the PBX, the second added a rackmountable form factor and extensive reporting capabilities, and our new convenience and connectivity features make it even easier to integrate Skype into the enterprise in order to reap the cost savings of Internet communications.
The product can be installed in as little as two hours, and works with any traditional time division multiplexed or IP PBX.
The fact that we are keeping the calls VoIP between our customers' PBX and our network saves them money and allows our customers to utilize more advanced features like business continuity not generally available from a legacy TDM based service provider.
The Sphere solutions are now available through CXtec and interested customers should contact their CXtec representative for more information on the Sphere IP PBX product.
It also extends PBX features like conferencing and call forwarding to the mobile phone so users can get all the functionality of their desk phone even while away from the office.
While our T1/E1 gateways already had unparalleled support for PBX protocols and interoperability, they now have more connectivity options directly between the PSTN and IP networks" stated Jim Machi, Vice President of Marketing at Dialogic.
IP media gateways are a key ingredient needed to link the enormous installed base of legacy PBX voice infrastructure to the converged voice and data infrastructure where Microsoft Exchange 2007 lives," stated Jim Machi, Vice President of Marketing for Dialogic.
A recently published report from Dell'Oro Group, the trusted source for market information about the networking and telecommunications industries, indicates that IP PBX market revenues grew 10 percent in the third quarter and will be the fastest growing market segment during 2007 when IP PBX revenues are projected to surpass those of Traditional PBX and Key.