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Marie Fisher, who completed a part-time Open College North West PC Technicians Level 3 course, has been named Kirklees Council ICT Technician of the Year 2008.
The work placement scheme was devised by the Holmfirth school head teacher David Murgetts, after he enrolled on Huddersfield Technical College's level 3 PC technician skills course at the Deighton Adult Education Centre.
The course covers all aspects of PC technician skills, including computer networking, operating systems, Internet technologies and hardware.
On demand technology and IT services have become a must have for field-based and remote PC technicians -- especially those specialized in IT security," said Keith Bradley, president, Ingram Micro North America.
Broken down into the various aspects of a PC technician's job, this book provides you with step-by-step guidance for performing some of the most common and some of the most daunting tasks PC technicians face.
These diagnostic tools are so easy to use that children and teens can easily learn how to troubleshoot computers so that they can have an edge when they finally decide to pursue a career as a PC technician.
ORIGIN PC technicians agree that Webroot's software is highly recommended with its custom gaming PCs to instantly protect gamers from the latest online threats, including viruses, phishing attacks and identity theft.
Farber's Essential Electronics For PC Technicians (1584503-173, $59.
I called one of the PC technicians, and he was able to get the guy offline before the worm actually got out of where it was," thus saving more than 40 backend SQL servers from being compromised.
This study guide for PC technicians covers the A+ Essentials exam (220-601) and the three optional advanced exams for certification as depot technician (220-604), remote support technician (220-603) and general IT technician (220-602).