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The beauty of PDA software is that it's often relatively inexpensive, easy to install, and free to try.
An educational technologist was available during class time to assist the PDA-holding student to navigate through the PDA software permitting the faculty member to stay focused on maintaining the learning environment on the expected course outcomes.
Fifty seven percent do not encrypt the corporate data held on their PDA.
Increasingly, PDAs are equipped with the capacity to send and receive information via wireless transmission.
You don't want the standard PDA applications because those are intended as personal productivity tools, not for the industrial environment as part of an individual team," says Terry.
The following companies produce PDAs that support Pocket PC:
Because all Bluetooth devices automatically detect one another's presence when their current 33-foot range, a PDA can be set to automatically update the addressbook or calendar in a desktop PC when the owner enters his or her office and vice versa.
With Fire & Forget, users simply insert the Fire & Forget drive into the PCMCIA slot in the PDA, and files can be quickly stored in native file format for fast, easy retrieval.
com PDA Center, a collection of Web-based security and management services for the wireless handheld device market.
Not every PDA phone or phone-enabled PDA has every possible feature.