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The ON PDR instrument may be categorized as an equity derivatives, since its value is dependent on the underlying equity.
WE ARE watching if Rappler's case will ignite a PDR conflagration in Philippine media, considering that several major media outfits have similar foreign fund injections that could influence their handling of the news and opinions being carried by them.
The first algorithm uses three metrics such as bad packet ratio (BPR), PDR and energy consumption amount (ECA) to detect the presence of jamming.
Off trackslow: Cambodia, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Philippines (expected in 20212030).
The results of our study indicate that the risk of dry eye in patients with PDR is 4.
Both PSVB and JCB are scheduled to issue the first JCB credit card in Lao PDR by the end of 2013.
trademark law judges to green light the Cubans' legal proceeding to have the PDR trademark cancelled, as opposed to having it summarily dismissed.
The court assumes that the PDR is comprehensive enough to apply its guidelines to the standard of care.
The Doctors Company and PDR Network have launched a national campaign to "educate physicians and improve their knowledge of ever-changing FDA-approved medication labeling.
Moody's is maintaining its review for possible downgrade of the company's B2 Corporate Family Rating (CFR) as well as the MTN ratings and the PDR.
Physicians Interactive Holdings (PIH) has partnered with PDR Network to offer mobilePDR, a service that provides FDA-approved, full drug labeling as well as concise drug labeling.
BANKING AND CREDIT NEWS-6 April 2010-Moody's axes Electrical Components International PDR to D on bankruptcy filing(C)1994-2010 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.