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According to Zongshen PEM, the company is poised to move its focus from development to the manufacturing and marketing of fuel cells.
Chapter 5 - Strategies and Technologies to Improve the Durability of Membranes and MEAs for PEM Fuel Cells
With increasing use of PEM imaging, there is a need for standardized terminology to describe findings seen on PEM, interpretation, and management recommendations, similar to the standardized classification that exists for other breast imaging modalities.
DPS said it plans to conduct testing for its new PEM stack at a Denmark-based production site that will be established "within the next two to three years.
As a long-time SWSoft PEM customer and an early tester of the Secure64 DNS product, it's easy for me to see the kind of utility that can be gained by the integration of these two products," stated Steve Merkel, CIO, Data393.
However, given the multiples PRIMEDIA received from the sale of the Outdoors Group and the particularly strong investment and debt markets, the Board believes the best course of action for PRIMEDIA shareholders is exploring the complete sale of PEM," Mr.
The Naviscan PEM scanner is compact, mobile and easy-to-use to precisely characterize breast cancer, enhance surgical planning, monitor patient response to chemotherapy and evaluate suspected recurrence.
The results of this study mean that not only do physicians have an additional, powerful tool to help treat breast cancer but that PEM is a legitimate and better alternative for the 16% of women who cannot tolerate MR due to claustrophobia, metallic implants, body habitus, or gadolinium reaction," said Wendie Berg, M.
Results from an NIH-sponsored clinical study [NIH Grant 5R44CA103102], recently presented at the 2010 Society of Nuclear Medicine Annual Meeting, comparing PEM and breast MRI demonstrate PEM's clinical appropriateness.
We were very pleased to find that PEM and MRI had comparable ability to detect cancerous lesions regardless of type or severity of the tumor," said Kathy Schilling, MD, lead author on the study.
Naviscan believes that the radiation dose to patients who undergo PEM can be cut at least in half, if not more as suggested by the University of Washington study," said Judy Kalinyak, MD, Medical Director, Naviscan, Inc.
The three key areas differentiating the Company's patented porous silicon-based direct-methanol fuel cell technology versus traditional PEM based design approaches are: