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Four studies were identified that examined the effects of high-power PEMF on migraine headaches [13-14].
Toward the end of December 2009 and thereafter, the patient upgraded her PEMF machine with enhancement in its pulse pattern.
PEMF was originally developed and tested for the treatment of fracture non-unions and delayed union, both of which are costly and debilitating conditions.
Ivivi's research and development activities are focused specifically on targeted pulsed electromagnetic field, or PEMF, technology, which, by creating specific therapeutic electrical current in injured soft tissue, modulates biochemical and physiological healing processes to help repair the injured tissue and reduce related pain and inflammation.
They received treatment with PEMF for 5 minutes, twice a day for three weeks.
RecoveryRx Therapy is a portable PEMF device that reduces pain and swelling in soft tissues.
PEMF induces the differentiation of cartilage cells and enhances ALP activity in rat osteoblasts [22].
Several cellular mechanisms have been proposed to be affected by PEMF including an increased mineralization, collagen production, endochondral ossiication and decreased osteoclastogenesis (7).
PEMF technology for bone growth stimulation grew out of a separate initiative.
A number of studies have investigated the therapeutic effects of ELF PEMF in the following applications: relieving insomnia [2], accelerated bone repair and reducing pain [3-4] and dental sensory and cutaneous pain [5].
We have also made major strides to further demonstrate the efficacy and broad potential of our proprietary PEMF technology.