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But how crucial is a PET scan in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer?
PET scans of Alzheimer's patients taken six months, a year and two years after the initial one showed ever lower activity in the default mode network.
However, the high costs of PET scans and uncertainties about their role in dementia assessment are among the many issues taken into account when considering the use of this powerful brain imaging technique.
Pet scan and CT MRI combined together is an important imaging modality whereby enhanced detection is possible.
The PET scan, however, revealed a complete metabolic response to treatment, indicating in fact no residual tumor.
CMS will pay for a PET scan if you write on the PET scan request, 'I am trying to distinguish Alzheimer's disease from fron-totemporal dementia/ If you request use of the scan to diagnose early Alzheimer's disease, it usually will be denied.
The patients had undergone PET scans before their deaths, and their diagnoses were confirmed by autopsy.
He said currently, PET scans were most commonly used to detect cancer, heart problems such as coronary artery disease and damage to the heart following a heart attack, brain disorders that include brain tumours, memory disorders, seizures and other central nervous system disorders.
Mr Peat also recommended that Mrs T should have the cost of a private PET scan reimbursed and be given pounds 500 compensation.
The planned reductions--detailed in the outpatient prospective payment system proposed rule--range from 10% to 71%, with PET scans of the heart taking the biggest hit.
A PET scan can show whether this tissue is active cancer or not.
The CT scan, a black-and-white anatomical image, is placed over the PET scan which uses colour to highlight cancerous tissue and 'working' muscles.