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the firm phase breaks down into 3 phases: phase 1 "methodology" phase 2 "implementation of the actions and follow-up" phase 3 "assessment and recommendations" the conditional phase, if it is strengthened, is divided into two phases: phase 1 "implementation of actions and follow-up" phase 2 "assessment and recommendations"
The setter's proficiency in phase 2 will develop in relation to his or her ability to judge passes, as well as his or her overall agility and movement skills.
This RFA will use the NIH Phased Innovation (R21/R33) and Exploratory/ Development Research Grant Phase 2 (R33) award mechanisms.
Phase 2 will consist of research and development and Phase 3 will be full-scale development.
If the results from the phase 1 study indicate that a drug is safe, it advances to phase 2. In phase 2, investigators may expose a couple of hundred people to the experimental therapy, allowing for further characterization of the drug's safety profile.
Next year, Phase 2 will include pumping the tailings to the dam on the northeastern corner of the property, a project which should be completed by early summer.
Phase 2 involved a blade disposition study utilizing a unique three-dimensional experimental mixer.