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Considering PIDs more frequently in the differential diagnosis and evaluating patients immunologically makes it possible for these patients to be diagnosed at an early stage to reach early treatment opportunities and protective measures (2).
Many rescue workers and PID staff believe the fire might have been arson.
The deviation e and deviation change rate ec are taken as the input of the fuzzy controller, adjusting the PID parameters [K.sub.p], [K.sub.i], and [K.sub.d], according to fuzzy control rules, to reduce the impact of control model time variation [37].
Based on the above analysis, we find that the positive potential difference between the ground and solar cells is a necessary condition for PID. To eliminate the electric field produced by the positive potential difference between the ground and cells is an effective measure to prevent PID.
It said that despite repeated requests, the PID has yet to provide the widow of Abu Al-Qi'an with her late husband's autopsy report and ignored her requests to receive updates on developments in the investigation.
Math model of step down chopper with fuzzy PID controller is shown in fig 8
But, if the controlled state goes far away from the design point and/or the system is highly nonlinear, at this point, classical control methods such as PID control can hardly hold the dynamic performance [10].
The basic principle of fuzzy PID controller is to input PID controller error e and error change rate [e.sub.c] simultaneously to the fuzzy controller (Krishnan, 2009; Luo, 2009; Li, 2016), and to find out the fuzzy relationship between e, [e.sub.c] and PID parameters.
Within our ongoing effort to propose new N,O-heterocycles with useful biological properties [7,12-14], congeners of PID have been recently evaluated in vitro for antiviral activity against herpes simplex virus type-1 (HSV-1), resulting in lack of cytotoxicity and significant antiproliferative activity [7].