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Two customers contacted the office about bank cards and PIN numbers not having been delivered and them being used at cash machines.
Genuine police officers or bank officials would never ask you to divulge PIN numbers over the phone or send couriers to collect cards.
Since then I began paying by cash or entering the PIN number myself," he added.
The Dubai Police have also urged people to change their card pin numbers from time to time and have proposed a modern ATM to be provided that would beep or automatically shut down if anyone inserts a chip or uses cameras to copy the pin numbers.
Many schools now have software programs where children's parents place money in their lunch accounts and the children use PIN numbers to make purchases.
The Bank noted that they key to both scams' success is getting the client's PIN number, which is why card carries must memorize it and avoid writing it down on the card or anything close to it.
Customers can use the Web chat PIN number any time, but it can only be used once.
POLICE are reminding shoppers to shield their pin numbers when using cash machines.
The customers are asked whether they want to conduct any more transactions, and if so to punch in the PIN number again, Sgt.
One device was fitted over the card slot and receipt slot on the machine, and a pin number reader was fitted over the pin number pad above the screen.
Det Inspector Hughes added, "Make sure you shield the keypad with your free hand when you enter the pin number.
He said: "I first realised that I could see other people typing in their pin number while waiting in the queue.