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For now, it will be part of PMT s upcoming "customer innovation center," where the molder will display its "creative thinking" to clients.
Moreover, this is different from the level debt service assumption in PMT where the total payments are constant for all periods.
So, rather than doing away with PMT, we need a pill that extends the concept.
The scheme is being introduced in the run-up to Green Transport Week from June 10-18 and Mr Tony Coram, marketing manager at First PMT, said the idea was not only to get old cars off the road but more people on to public transport.
In the area of information processing, the PMT appeared to be less correlated with overall level of acculturation, and clinically, therefore, may be a better indicator of cognitive information processing abilities, as acculturation level decreases, than the PPVT.
To PKP Cargo the investment in PMT entails expanding its customer base and a more effective use of its rolling stock.
Starting 2011 with two pilot projects, KESC-pioneered overhead Aerial Bundle Cable conversion venture would be covering more PMTs and consumers in Surjani, Garden, Bhittai Colony, Cattle Colony, KBR, Lines Area, PIB, Clayton and Bahadurabad in the coming months.
On April 20, Professor Gary Hagan, course manager for DAU's Program Management Office Course (PMT 352) at the Fort Belvoir campus, was pleased to host Wynne as a distinguished guest practitioner for the latest offering of PMT 352.
I get really bad PMT and the hot weather just makes it so much worse.
Pills made from the dried fruit of Vitex agnus castus - better known as the Chaste Tree - were given to 86 PMT sufferers, while 84 other women were given dummy tablets.
PMT recently closed the purchases of mortgage whole loans valued at $50 million.
The MBTA s enabling legislation requires the Authority to update the PMT every five years and to implement the policies and priorities outlined in it through the annual Capital Investment Program (CIP).